Review: Sketchy Behavior by Erynn Mangum

September 17, 2017



About the Book: 

Kate Carter is a junior in high school, leading a normal life until that fateful day in her electives art class.When her art teacher gave the class an assignment, no one knew they were drawing the face of a murderer. Now, thanks to Kate's drawing, the murderer, John X is in jail. But John X has friends. Friends who want revenge. Now Kate's whole life has shifted as she hides out, away from the killer and his evil friends. But will it be enough? Will she survive this threat? How long will this go on? When will her life go back to being normal?

My Thoughts:  

Sketchy Behavior was the first book I've read by Erynn Mangum and I'm hooked! I absolutely loved this book! Kate is full of sarcastic remarks that have you laughing out loud. I loved her attitude and out look on her problems. I also enjoyed how her and her family slowly began going to church, and their journey with Christ. The plot twists' tho! It was a cute story, that had you captivated from the first page and wouldn't let you go. Sketchy Behavior is also written in first person, though I normally shy away from stories written like that, this one was so good, I didn't even care! This may be a YA book, but I think those older would enjoy it too!


Favorite Quote from this book:

"I started drawing. I closed my eyes and saw the face of the man she had described. But it's not just physical description that mattered. There were indefinable qualities that played into how someone looked. How they acted, what they lived through."


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