Review: A Song Unheard by Roseanna M. White

January 31, 2018

About The Book:

   At the outset of WWI, high-end thief Willa Forsythe is hired to steal a cypher from famous violinist Lukas De Wilde. Given the value of his father’s work as a cryptologist, Lukas fears for his family and doesn’t know who to trust. He likes Willa – and the feeling is mutual. But if Willa doesn’t betray him as planned, her own family will pay the price.

 Willa Forsythe is both a violin prodigy and top-notch thief, which makes her the perfect choice for a crucial task at the outset of World War I – to steal a cypher from a famous violinist currently in Wales.

 Lukas De Wilde has enjoyed the life of fame he’s won – until now, when being recognized nearly gets him killed. Everyone wants the key to his father’s work as a cryptologist. And Lukas fears that his mother and sister, who have vanished in the wake of the German invasion of Belgium, will pay the price. The only light he finds is meeting the intriguing Willa Forsythe.But danger presses in from every side, and Willa knows what Lukas doesn’t – that she must betray him and find that cypher, or her own family will pay the price as surely as his has.

My Thoughts: 

 Noo! I didn't want this book to end! Even though I've finished it I find myself wanting to go back, read more. But there is no more... All that to say, this was an amazing book! I mean, how could you not love Willa? And poor Lukas! Even the side character was a joy to read about - yes you Margot! Sometimes I don't like it in books when they have a side character. I don't like how it pulls away from the main characters. But I loved it all! Roseanna is a truly gifted author. She can so easily pull you into a story, to where you feel what they feel. Feel the heartbreak, grief, and joy. Of course Lukas did get on my nerves some in the end, but oh well, at least he came around! And as always, Roseanna wove spiritual content in there perfectly, giving Willa her music. (Have to read the book to understand that reference.) There were also parts in this book that had me laughing out loud. I love Willa's spunk! So yes, if you haven't read this one, you must! And if you haven't read the first one in this series either, what are you waiting for?!


Favorite Quote From This Book:

"When you are ready, Jesus will forgive you."... 

"Why would I want Him to do that?"

"Because... that is when He can start piecing us back together."



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